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Different styles of Bassoon music?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

There is a long and glorious history of wondrous musical instruments in the world.

For instance a very long time ago when musical instruments were first invented, everyone played really cool instruments like this one. When you did, you were probably guaranteed to be in the cool musical crowd at school.

The world's oldest instrument?

As instrument makers and musicians began to grow their understanding of music and what is possible, they created a lot of other instruments, including during the 1700s the most fascinating instrument that we know of today: the bassoon!

Cool but slightly creepy looking Luke Skywalker on his bassoon (while in deep thought)

Luke Skywalker from "The Last Jedi"

When most people think of the bassoon, they think classical music.

There are lots of amazing pieces that were written featuring the bassoon as a solo instrument. One of the most famous pieces ever written for the bassoon is Mozart's Bassoon Concerto, performed here by world famous bassoonist Ole Kristian Dahl:

Mozart Bassoon Concerto

Bassoons are also heard in a lot of movie music. Here's a couple of examples of the bassoon played in "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter", performed by the famous Boulder Bassoon Quartet:

from Star Wars Cantina Band scene (where Luke and Obi-wan meet Han Solo and Chewy)

Theme from Harry Potter movies

There are bassoonists doing really interesting things with Jazz and Improv. Paul Hanson is a well known bassoonist known for his unique improve style that includes a lot of elements of Jazz and Funk music. He also converts his bassoon into an electric instrument, that is really interesting!

Electric Bassoon workout (Jazz & Funk)

You'll also find famous bassoonists who are exploring different modern styles of music, doing lots interesting things and receiving wide acclaim for their music in the musical world! Some of these bassoonists include Rebekah Heller, Nadina Mackie Jackson and Paul Hanson (to name a few.)

Concerto for Bassoon & Strings - II A New Dawn


Modern Bassoon Solo

There are so many wonderful sounds and different styles of music that bassoonists everywhere are creating on their bassoons.

For more interesting examples and videos, check out our Bassoon Video section that showcases many of these talented bassoonists, from various ages and different parts of the world!

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