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Professional Bassoonist & Bassoon Instructor

Paul is one of the most highly recognized professional bassoonists over the last 20 years that is especially known for his take on improv and jazz music. He has essentially rewritten the rulebook for what is possible on the bassoon. His repertoire encompasses musical aspects of all modern styles of improvised music. He is also an award-winning classical bassoonist and jazz saxophonist.

Paul has recorded and performed with many different musicians including Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Wayne Shorter, Will Kennedy, Bob Weir’s RATDOG, Peter Erskine, Medeski Martin & Wood, Patrice Rushen, Abraham Laboriel, Billy Childs, Billy Higgins, Ray Charles, Charlie Hunter, Dennis Chambers, Omar Sosa, Bob Moses, Kai Eckhardt, Peter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphics Ensemble, T. Lavitz from Dixie Dregs, Jeff Sipe, Jonas Hellborg, The Paul Dresher Ensemble, DAVKA, St. Joseph Ballet Company, The Klezmorim, and Cirque Du Soleil. He has also been a jazz soloist with the Oakland Eastbay Symphony Orchestra, as classical soloist with the Napa Symphony Orchestra (non-improvising) and more. 

When he is not on musical tours performing around the world, Paul spends his time mentoring young bassoonists.

Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson

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