Learning and exploring a new instrument, especially one that looks crazy difficult, should be fun!

So grab some of your favorite popcorn (we like ours with plenty of butter) and check out these comedic episodes of Boss Class and see (sort of) why the Bassoon is the most amazing instrument in the world.

Boss Class Series

Boss Class Series

"Switch to Bassoon" I Boss Class (Ep.1)

"Bassoons get you to Disneyland" I Boss Class (Ep.2)

"Past instruments" I Boss Class (Ep.3)

"Bassoon vs Oboe: What's the Difference?" I Boss Class (Ep.4)

"Bassoon reeds for beginners" I Boss Class (Ep.5)

"Do you need a bassoon stand?" I Boss Class (Ep.6)

"How to put together a Bassoon" I Boss Class (Ep.7)

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Hi, I'm Donovan! I'm a bassoonist and I must say, it is so much fun!

I feel that the bassoon has the most unique, warm and memorable sound. Some say it sounds like a "wind" cello, but I think it is so much cooler than that. If you haven't tried or at least heard one before, you may not know what you are missing :)

Check out the videos below showcasing different styles of music that you can play on the bassoon!

Scroll for different video examples! 

Cristian Coliver artistic bassoon.png


Check out these bassoonists from around the world, playing different kinds of music and expressing the bassoon in their own ways!

These musicians are all supporters who've taken the time to share their videos with the hope of getting more musicians interested in the bassoon.

Many are amongst the most famous professional musicians performing on the bassoon today. Others are really talented post-graduate, college and high school musicians who may not be professional (yet)...but just can't get enough of their bassoons!

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