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Voyage of a Sea God

Laurence Perkins is one of the leading bassoonists in the world. Based in the UK, and in the midst of the pandemic, he has released an exciting album "Voyage of a Sea God."

This new album has already received high levels of praise, where in The Times, it was announced on July 2nd, 2021 as the week's top album.

In a detailed album review posted on June 30, 2021, reviewer Clare Glenister describes "every note grips and fascinates."

Geoff Brown of The Times writes:

"The 20th century has been examined from multiple angles, but this week’s top album surely marks the first occasion when it has been seen from the perspective of the bassoon. Sometimes viewed as a comical instrument good for nothing but rude remarks, this long, thin creature, containing over eight feet of tubing partly doubled back on itself, is actually astonishingly versatile with a range of colours easily exceeding some paint charts. It’s especially impressive in the hands and lips of the British bassoon champion Laurence Perkins, the loving curator of Voyage of a Sea-God, a mammoth global journey across time and multiple composing styles."

Released by Hyperion, 'Voyage of a Sea-god' is a 2-CD anthology of 20th century music for bassoon - covering exactly 100 years, in chronological order, from 1900 to 1999.

Also available as MP3 downloads, 'Voyage of a Sea-god' is one of the most amazing recent collections of bassoon music ever created.

You can sample tracks, order CDs or download MP3 files directly from the Hyperion Sea-god webpage - click HERE to go directly to that page.

More information about the album can be found on Mr. Perkin's webpage dedicated to the album. The album is also available now for download on Apple iTunes and Amazon Music.

Laurence Perkins is one of Britain’s best known solo bassoonists through his concert performances and numerous solo recordings on CD over the years. He was Principal Bassoon for the Manchester Camerata for 43 years, performing in concerts throughout the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Norway, the Azores Islands, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and Japan. He’s been featured in BBC Music Magazine, BBC Radio and the UK Specialist Classical Charts. He has been a soloist for the Hyperion record label over the years, and is currently producing independent recordings of a wide range of repertoire and performing live concert performances in the post-pandemic era as a part of Live Wood Music (LWM). His first LWM production is a limited-edition CD (an 'EP' - 30 minutes duration) featuring Laurence's single 'Blow the Wind Southerly'.

For more information about Laurence, please make sure to check out his profile page. If you're interested in learning about all the different projects he's working on, please visit his website for more information.

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