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Upcoming Bassoon Masterclass: Professor Malte Refardt (April 7-11, 2021)

What is a Masterclass?

A Masterclass is a class that is provided to students by an expert within a specific topic. Masterclasses are very popular in the world of music by famous musicians. They can also be focused on topics including science, art, drama, writing, sports or virtually any other area where unique skills can be taught or learned!

In the midst of Covid, Masterclasses have been happening virtually around the world. Even prior to Covid, the rise of the internet, increased levels of comfort viewing content on the internet, greater time spent on the internet, and increase in videos being watched online has naturally led to more Masterclasses happening online.

However, as many musicians realize, music is a very different experience in-person compared to online! As the world begins to slowly get back a little bit more to normal, some of the world's top bassoonists are starting once again to hold Masterclasses in-person.

Professor Malte Refardt is currently one of the top bassoonists in the world and a professor at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen. Professor Refardt recently announced that he will be having a special Bassoon Masterclass session in Starnberg (Bavaria, Germany) during the dates of April 7-11, 2021.

Topics that Professor Refardt will cover during this upcoming Masterclass:

- Daily Lessons

- Audition Preparation, Orchestra Excerpts

- Reedmaking

- Bassoon chamber music


PROF. MALTE REFARDT (Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen) 7.- 11. April 2021


- Täglicher Unterricht / Daily lessons - Probespielvorbereitung - Orchesterstellen / Audition preparation -Orchestra excerpts - Rohrbau / Reedmaking - Fagottkammermusik, wenn möglich / Bassoon chamber music ONLINE BEWERBEN - Here's the application link for interested students:

Scholarships will be available. If you might be interested, please visit the link above for more information!

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