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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

What’s up guys! Welcome to the first BOSS blog! I would just like to say thank you for visiting my website! It really means a lot to me and I hope that this resource can help many new bassoon players. When I started playing bassoon, I didn’t have a website like this, but I had my dad (the cameraman). He actually found out about the bassoon from a random music teacher he met on one of his business trips! That’s flippin’ insanity! If he never met that music teacher, I wouldn’t be playing the bassoon today. What crazy bassoon (or other instruments) stories do you have? Please feel free to talk about them in the comments! I will feature my favorite ones in a video!

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徐立瑄Will Hsu
徐立瑄Will Hsu

Crazy instrument stories? Hmm I got 3:

  1. One time at band camp (gotta love it when stories start that way lol) we were doing drills. We were at horns up, then a bee landed on my mouthpiece. I was playing piccolo. ... Well, I was like praying that it would fly away. Then we did horns down and I flung it over to my right. I think it hit a tuba or something.

  2. Another year at band camp, I was playing sousaphone instead of piccolo. In order to go through doors, you gotta lower the instrument -- which blocks your sight -- then bring it back up when you're through. As I flipped the sousaphone back up, I almost h…

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