How do you put together a Bassoon?

The first time you see a bassoon, you might think to yourself, "Wow! That's the coolest looking instrument I've never seen before!"

However...that feeling may gradually turn to fear and confusion when you try to put one together for the first time :O

Where do I start?

Which piece goes where?

How do I hold everything together while I'm putting this crazy thing into place?

Am I going to ruin the instrument before I even have the chance to play it for the first time?

Well, have no fear! It's actually not too difficult at all. It just seems that way the first time you do it. I'd like to help explain it step by step. Or better yet, how about I show you a fun video episode of Boss Class dedicated to assembling a bassoon? :)

Ok, so now that you've watched that, please see below. You'll find a MUCH, MUCH better video on how to assemble a bassoon from a professional music instructor, courtesy of Professor Kristin Wolfe Jensen.

Professor Jensen teaches at the University of Texas, Austin, and is one of the top educators in the world dedicated to helping young musicians get started off on the bassoon!

Here's her (more professional and popular) "How to put a bassoon together" video:

If you're interested in learning more, you may also want to check out Professor Jensen's other helpful tutorial and educational videos for beginner bassoonists on her website

Her amazing website was created with the support of educators and professors at the University of Texas, Austin. You'll discover that all of the videos on are completely free to access and view as many times you would like.

Now how cool is that?!

Since the bassoon is a slightly complicated instrument, if you are interested in learning it, I would, however, still highly recommend finding an experienced bassoon teacher to guide you. Believe me, it will be worth it! Feel free to check out different profiles and contact/website info for amazing teachers like Professor Jensen as well as other famous teachers in the teacher section on this site.

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