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Covid-19 and the Bassoon

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The 2020 global coronavirus epidemic has drastically impacted lives around the world. Families, governments, businesses, schools, students - there is nobody in the world who has not been affected in some way, some worse than others.

As a high school student finishing the 9th grade, Covid was challenging for me. Like many of the kids around me, life changed considerably in many ways: adjusting to distance learning, no longer spending time with friends, and not having the chance to experience the things that normally I would do.

Nevertheless, I consider myself very lucky.

Although I miss participating live with my youth orchestra, I can still practice and have fun with my bassoon when I am at home, without any of the pressures many musicians currently face in their lives.

Many musicians and artists who make a living with music are hurting around the world right now. Many live music concerts are closed to the public, and in many places professional musicians can no longer perform in front of audiences. This is especially true here in the US. Many music teachers are also having difficulty finding and keeping students due to social distancing.

I wanted to post this blog for two reasons.

One of these reasons is remind everyone that music and the arts are going through an especially difficult time right now.

The second reason is share the message that music professionals and teachers need our support during this time.

If you are thinking about playing the bassoon, please consider reaching out to a bassoon teacher for lessons. While Covid has made it difficult to have lessons in person, did you know that there are many gifted teachers that have time now in their schedule to teach students online?

If you are looking for recommendations on experienced and talented bassoon instructors, please check out our Bassoon Teacher page for a helpful list! (Note: None of the teachers listed are affiliated with B.O.S.S., except as supporters who are hoping to spread awareness of the bassoon worldwide to younger musicians. So, in other words, they are all thoughtful and amazing individuals, gracious with their time and interested in supporting you if you're hoping to get better at the bassoon or give the bassoon a try.)

You can also find a link here to see some really neat Bassoon Videos we've gathered, in case you might be looking for some inspiration on fun things to play on the bassoon! Hint: The bassoon isn't just for classical music!!

There are a lot of amazing bassoonists around the world. Catherine Chen is a really talented bassoonist who is currently Principal Bassoon for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO). Earlier this year when the pandemic first hit, she and the MSO bassoon section decided to put together a video on The Mendelssohn Nocturne from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which they are dedicating for front-line workers! See their touching video below:

Another one of our supporters in Manchester, UK, Professor Laurence Perkins, also recently created a really interesting "Bassoon Inspired" series on his website (audio and video) to mark the slow but steady beginning of emergence from lockdown from this pandemic. (This was the final programme in his 61-programme ‘Bassoon Inspired’ series in April and May).

Please check out his link below to listen to his series!


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