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Benefits & Opportunities: Switching to Bassoon

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

There are many musical instruments out there, and many of them are amazing! But if you are a younger musician in elementary school, middle school, or high school, have you noticed something that is a bit head scratching?

I remember in band during middle school here in California, there were so many saxophone players that the school had to create a rule: no matter how good you were at the saxophone, you had to start at the beginning level of band in 6th grade. No exceptions! And then in 7th grade, unless you were absolutely exceptional, it was nearly impossible to be placed in a higher level.

The same instruments are played everywhere

Many young musicians play popular instruments such as the saxophone, flute, or clarinet. They quickly discover how challenging the audition process can sometimes be. At the middle school I attended, students were competing against at least 30 or 40 musicians who played exactly the same instrument, just to try and get a position in band.

Does this look familiar to you?

Non-wind instruments, such as piano or violin, are also so popular and competitive that it is nearly impossible to stand out. Practically everyone you know...your brother, sister, cousin, best friend of your 2nd cousin, and even uncle Billy Bob...are all playing these instruments!

Do you play the same instrument as 50 other students in your grade?

But what should you do if you love music and really want to be a part of a school ensemble?

I'm going to tell you a little secret. There's actually a lot of amazing instruments that nobody talks about. Instruments that many people don't know about, including even many music teachers and music directors.

The bassoon is one of the most unique and needed instruments that nobody really knows or talks about. It has deep bass and tenor notes that sound absolutely amazing. It is an instrument that is incredibly fun to play.

If you ask any bassoonist, and they will tell you that many conductors, music directors, and music ensembles are always searching for new bassoon players to join them.

Top 10 Reasons for Switching to Bassoon

1. People will always come up to you and ask you about your instrument!

2. You're not competing with countless other musicians.

3. Much higher chances of getting a top position in your school band.

4. You will stand out.

5. You will probably experience more opportunities to play solo parts.

6. You will be in demand since conductors are looking for bassoonists.

7. If you are thinking about music in college, many colleges are looking for bassoonists.

8. If you're really talented at the bassoon, some colleges even offer scholarships for bassoon.

9. If you are super talented and want to perform professionally, there are lots of amazing opportunities to play in orchestras around the world! We’ve also heard that bassoonists are amongst the highest paid musicians in an orchestra.

10. The bassoon makes the most incredible, soft and unforgettable sound! Check out the B.O.S.S. Class video at the bottom of this article to get a peek into the bassoon!

Whitney Crockett is the famous Principal Bassoonist for the LA Philharmonic.

Whitney Crockett, LA Philharmonic

Here's a fun comedic video from our B.O.S.S. Class series to give you a peek into the bassoon and why it is such an interesting instrument:

Would you like to learn more about the bassoon? Please feel free to check out our FAQ section, the Bassoon Videos section, or the many other sections on this site to see if the bassoon might be the right instrument for you.

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