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A Rare Instrument Christmas

Hey guys! Although we are all still stuck at home due to COVID, there is always room for some holiday cheer! I know it's a bit late for Christmas and it is almost the new year, but I wanted to share these awesome duets that I did with Will Hsu, a Contrabass Flute Player! This rare instrument is an absolutely massive version of the flute that is a whole 3 octaves lower than the flute. That is insane! Will is such an awesome guy and it was such a pleasure working on these duets with him! Please enjoy these fun holiday duets with a Contrabass flute and a bassoon :)

Joy to the World:

We Wish you a Merry Christmas:

If you are just as intrigued as I am about this colossal metal tube, please feel free to check out Will's YouTube channel. He posts many awesome videos of popular songs played by the Contrabass Flute as well as much more! Please go ahead and check out his videos!

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